Cost analysis and Estimating

Cost analysis – What we specialise in.

Preparing a Cost analysis and material takeoffs and material lists for every construction trade.
One of our construction estimators will Compare building quotes from the plans, all the materials and accessories needed for your project. It will be in Microsoft Excel, in the format you need, so you can send it out to bid quickly.

Compare building quotes

Compare building quotes

Our clients are building professionals of all kinds that perform private and public work. We provide building cost estimates such as conceptual cost estimates, bid estimates, project cost management, material takeoffs, material field audits, software consulting, and expert witness representation.

Residential Building Estimating

We provide takeoffs and estimates to builders who build a few homes a year and builders that build a hundred homes a year. The biggest percentage of our work is residential estimating with an emphasis on material takeoffs or quantity surveys.

Commercial Building Estimating

We have clients that specialize in light commercial construction, such as office, retail, and religious buildings. We perform various construction estimating services for these contractors. We provide conceptual estimates, hard bid estimates, and material takeoffs to name a few.

Trade take off and Estimating service

Are you a tradesperson tired of sitting for hours / days on end estimating? we can help with your take offs and use your pricing so you don’t have to worry.

Compare building quotes, why is it important?

How do you Compare building quotes?

Comparing quotations is one of our claims to fame. Understanding and knowing how to compare building quotes is a difficult task, we can analyse all documentation allowing you to have a clear choice of who you would like to undertake your project.
Our group has extensive knowledge in agreement law, construction standards, designing and cost investigation. You truly can’t manage not to utilize our administration.

Why is comparing building quotes important?

You’ve made a decision to build or renovate, but there are so many building companies out there, who do you contact and how do you choose the right one? What type of builder should you be looking for? And how can you avoid facing problems in the future?
Its simple, using our services will allow you to accurately compare all pricing, inclusions, exclusions and contractual obligations.

So, why are the building quotes different?

Each company operates in a different way which can change pricing dramatically. Our team will undergo a full analysis and report indicating issues and concerns for you.


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