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Building dispute resolution.

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Building or renovating can be a very stressful time and unfortunately disputes may happen. From legal obligations, NCC and Australian Standard compliance and time frames our team has you covered.

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There are various situations where building disputes arise, and unfortunately commonly exist in the Western Australian construction industry, due to reasons including extension of time, contract errors and unsatisfactory works.
You may be unaware of such issues or lack the adequate understanding to start the correct process. This is where our team comes in handy, we can help you understand the facts about any situation and how to navigate through it.

Building disputes

Advice on building contracts​

Guide you on what to include in the contracts and any other facts that pertain to them.

Building disputes

Contract disputes

It is possible for either party involved to make legal claims such as unjust enrichment, breach of contract, quantum meruit, and more.

Building disputes

Guidance on homeowner warranty insurance claims

Our expert team work with lawyers and other professionals providing clear cost reports for SAT and Building Commission hearings.

Building disputes

Disputes over workmanship

Compliance reporting for all building and construction issues, detailing the cause and effect.

Building disputes

Building Commission Complaints

Detailed reports outlining all issues with building works from contractural through to compliance.

Building disputes

Quantity Surveying / Estimating

Know how much it will cost to rectify the issues? our team provide detailed reports for lawyers, private clients, banks and more.

Building Complaints Western Australia (WA)

Need assistance with building?

Expert advice on all building disputes.

Building compliant and dispute resolution services.

Don’t waste money on amateur Building Inspectors, our team has represented many clients at the State Administrative Tribunal, Building Commission and the Supreme Court.

Building dispute resolution – More information.

Some handy points of information.

All of our reports clearly indicate the issue, reason of defects, reference the applicable Standard / NCC Clause, cost of rectification all in a clear and easy to interpret format.

Engaging our team can be beneficial in many ways. Like many other people, you may be unaware of your rights in construction and what you can claim or fight for in case a building dispute arises. Most developers and builders have a law firm or team of lawyers hired to deal with any issues that arise while they are on the job. Therefore engaging our expert team to ensure that you are well represented in such a situation.

A complaint concerning faulty and defective work can be made up to 6 years after practical completion, whether you were the original owners/client or not.

Practical Completion occurs when the Builder lodges the appropriate paperwork with the Council / Shire.

Builder’s Liability covers more than just the “Structural Warranty” to structural elements. It encompasses all faulty and defective work to all building elements including roof leaks, water ingress and ceramic tiling just to name a few. Replacement of items due to wear and tear is not the builder’s responsibility.

It is always advisable to sign and document a detailed contract before a contractor starts working on
your premises. A building dispute attorney can guide you on what to include in the contracts and any
other facts that pertain to them. They also consider all the factors to help you draft a good contract.
Additionally, our team can help you review any contract presented to you by your contractor to ensure
that there are no unfair terms or hidden fees in it.

After successfully signing a contract, it is possible for either party involved to make legal claims such as
unjust enrichment, breach of contract, quantum meruit, and more. Although it is possible to leverage
such claims without the help of a lawyer, hiring one is highly beneficial, especially in situations where
parties involved hope to resolve the dispute without litigation.
The guidance of a construction dispute attorney / expert also makes the process much easier to navigate in a situation where a lawsuit is filed.

The homeowner warranty insurance claim covers various factors. It ensures that the building is
completed as stated in the contract. As a homeowner, you can make a claim when the builder fails to
correct any faults that are his responsibility towards completing the project, such as faulty design, poor
workmanship, and inadequate materials. We can help you through this process by advising you on
how to achieve this easily.

As your building is being constructed or renovated, disputes may arise between various parties such as
tradespeople and handymen. Our team can help either of these parties to communicate their frustrations better so they can agree faster. We can also help to handle issues such as damage caused due to construction of the structures, defective work, and any other issues of specialist work.

There are various situations where it would be necessary to lodge a compliant against the builder or
developer working on your property. You may be unaware of such issues or lack the adequate
understanding to file the compliant. Our team can help you understand the facts about any situation that arises while a contractor is working on your premises and how to navigate through it.

If you have to file a building defect claim while working with a contractor, you have to consider various things. A construction defect claim often comes with a great amount of litigation. It is a long and costly process, which differs significantly from other types of construction litigations. In addition to depending on the defects made during construction and several defendants, it also involves anti-indemnity statutes, fact-intensive investigation procedures, and policy coverages, all of which require expertise.
Hiring our team ensures you are in the best hands with your building dispute.

What is the next step with your building dispute?

If you would like some advice regarding your situation please contact our team.

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