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You cant afford not to use an experienced Construction cost estimator for your project.

Construction cost estimator and estimating services – We started our company with one thing in mind, that was to save money and time for people. Do you need a complete construction cost estimator?

From residential through to complex commercial construction, our estimator has you covered. Our expert Construction cost estimators works through all your documentation leaving nothing behind.

Construction estimator

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Construction cost estimator

There are many unknown costs in building, using our expert estimating services will help you navigate through these saving you time and money.

Some typical costs required are below.

  • Building material choices
  • Inclusions and exclusions (Builders)
  • Contract negotiations
  • BAL ratings
  • Wind ratings

Construction Cost Estimating Service

Construction cost estimator – Every project is different from the size, design, fittings and location and as such each project needs to be diligently analysed to make sure all costs are captured at the beginning no one likes half finished product. Our team of construction estimators work through your specifications drawings engineering and requests to produce an in depth and detailed cost estimate allowing your project to be managed from inception to completion.

From owner builders to corporate building companies our dedicated team of estimators will undertake your cost reporting and estimating just the way you want it. Our reports let you purchase all the materials easily as we include all quantities and pricing for your reference. Residential estimating needs to be done with an expert due to many complexities. Estimating Services Australia have undertaken thousands of projects from renovations to multimillion dollar homes with great success. Renovation cost estimator

What is a Construction Estimator?

What is a Construction estimator?

While construction estimating is its own expertise, construction estimators normally have backgrounds in a specific fields of study connected to the construction industry. Our Construction estimators have extensive experience in construction design, engineering, architecture, scheduling and project management. This makes sense, as part of the design process is determining which materials to use in order to fulfil the building design.

What Does a Construction Estimator Do?

Our construction estimators take responsibility for determining the total cost of a construction project. The first step of doing so involves validating the project’s Scope of Work. Our expert construction estimators work through all your documentation leaving nothing behind. The scope documents, along with the building plans and specs, provide our construction estimator a place to start for compiling a list of materials, called a quantity takeoff, that will be needed to construct the building.
If there are any steps missing from the Scope of Work, the construction estimator’s takeoff will omit materials needed to get the job done. Renovation cost estimator

What does the building estimate include?

We provide complete assessments, estimates and reports to developers, private clients, tradespeople and banks who construct a couple of homes a year up to thousands. The greatest level of our work is private assessing with an accentuation on intrinsic costs. 

Construction estimator – Services.

Estimation Stage Services

Carry out feasibility studies to evaluate the financial viability of the project, to provide the base for commercial decisions in respect of equity participation, financial arrangements etc. and to provide the framework for monitoring the financial performance of the project.

Carry out sensitivity analysis to check the impact on the financial framework when the deciding factors vary from the basic assumptions.

Prepare preliminary estimates for alternative designs during the Concept Design Stage.

Compare the cost and time implications of the alternative designs to assist the client in his final selection and to establish the Budget.

Discuss with the Architect / draftperson / client the conceptual idea and essential particulars of the scheme and prepare a Cost Plan for the project. The total of the Cost Plan should be in line with the Client’s approved Budget. The Cost Plan shall list in detail the various cost centers complete with their controlling quantities and rates to assist the Architect / draftperson / client in their design development and selection of materials.

In the Preliminary Design/Design Development Stage, the Construction Estimator will attend design meetings and carry out cost studies on various alternatives to assist the client and Architect / draftperson/ client in their decisions.

When required, prepare cash flow predictions based on the latest cost estimate and development programme.

Tendering Stage Services

Invite tenderers to register for each contract package and carry out prequalification exercises (if necessary) for tenderers so registered and submit report to the client.

Discuss with the Architect / draftperson / client on the Procurement Strategy for the project and make recommendations on :

  • the total number of main contracts and sub-contracts and their respective scope of works
  • the cost budgets for each main contract and sub-contract. These estimated cost budgets should follow that determined by the Cost Plan or the Preliminary

Provide advice as to the most suitable Standard Form of Contract for the Works and prepare the necessary special conditions as appropriate for consideration by the client.

Prepare pre-tender estimates for each tender package to check that the packages prepared are in line with their approved budgets.

In the tendering stage, handle all tender queries. All tender queries should be fully discussed with the client and the Architect etc. and answered in a joint reply.

The Construction Estimator will carry out analysis on tenders received. Assist the Architect / draftperson and the client to analysis the technical portions of the tender as appropriate and check the tenders for arithmetic errors and contractual qualifications. Issue queries as required to clarify ambiguities in the pricing, technical and contractual points etc. Check the tenders for submissions like bonds, guarantees etc. required. Compile all findings and recommendations into a tender report to the client.

All recommended tenders should be compared against their approved budgets. Tender packages that exceed their budgets shall be analysed for the underlying reason and may be subject to value engineering as necessary until it meets satisfaction.

Construction Stage Services

Prepare financial statements at monthly/quarterly/regular intervals. The statements shall show all committed and known intended expenses and their comparison with the original budget allowances. Each Statement shall show the financial implication of the latest awarded contracts, issued drawings, architect / draftperson / client instructions and claims etc. and reflect the estimated final account figure for the Works.

Prepare monthly interim payment valuations in accordance with the progress of work completed as approved by the client. Incorporate financial implications due to design changes etc. as appropriate in the payment valuations.

When a proposal is made to vary the design, a quick estimate of the cost involved and assessment of any contractual implications shall be made and reported to the client to assist him in deciding whether to implement the design change or not.

During the course of construction, the Construction Estimator will carry out regular assessments of architect’s instructions, remeasurement of provisional quantities and adjustment of Prime Cost Rates etc. in a timely manner and hold negotiations with the Contractors to achieve preliminary agreements regarding the financial effect of the same.

The assessed variations shall be discussed and agreed with the Contractors and listed for the client’s information.

Carry out preliminary assessment of all claims received and incorporate them in the financial statements.

Assist the client in their administration of the Contract and advise on the client rights and obligations under the contract, including that in respect of the construction progress, quality, cost and other subjects.

If significant changes are planned and approved by the client, assist the client to agree the time and financial implication with the Contractor and prepare Supplementary Agreements to such effect to avoid unnecessary disputes at a later stage.

Assist the client to handle claims submitted by Contractors. Analysis the claims and prepare counter-claims complete with arguments and calculations, where appropriate. Analysis the contractual reasons, method of calculation for the claims submitted and assist in the negotiations between the Employer and the Contractor to arrive at an amicable agreement.

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